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Trend Colour for 2024 is Apricot Crush

July 29, 2023 - Tag: Industry Trends

When it comes to trending colours, Apricot Crush offers versatility with a soft glow. Paring well with neutrals this hue is being deemed gender-inclusive for fashion. Apricot Crush won't only be found in your closet, but it's also predicted to be seen throughout upcoming beauty and skin-care products, fragrance and food packaging.

This warm and lively hue offers a great opportunity for surface pattern designers to create eye-catching and trendy designs. In this blog post, let's explore why Apricot Crush is a fantastic choice for your surface pattern creations.


Design of Annelie Hervi

Apricot Crush is a delightful mix of soft peach and bright orange. It's a color that exudes positivity and joy, bringing warmth to your designs.

Stay on Trend with Pantone: When Pantone identifies a trending color like Apricot Crush, it signifies its relevance across various design industries, including fashion, interior décor, and, of course, surface pattern design. Integrating this trending color into your patterns will not only keep your work contemporary but also resonate with current and potential clients.

  • Easy to Mix and Match: Apricot Crush is super versatile! It pairs beautifully with many other colors, giving you endless possibilities to create stunning color palettes for your patterns.
  • Evoke Happy Emotions: Colors influence our feelings, and Apricot Crush's inviting nature can bring happiness and nostalgia to your designs, making them more memorable.
  • Stand Out with Trendy Designs: Using a trending color like Apricot Crush gives you a marketing advantage. Clients and consumers are drawn to fresh and modern designs, helping you stand out in the market.

Apricot Crush is a captivating color that offers a world of creative possibilities for surface pattern designers. It's warm and lively nature, versatility, and trendy appeal make it a must-have for your design toolbox. Embrace Apricot Crush, and let your surface pattern designs shine with vibrant and modern elegance!

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Color trend: Apricot Crush