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The Daily Struggles of a Creative: Navigating Client Feedback

October 3rd, 2023 - Tag: Mindset

How many times have you found yourself in this situation?

You present your design to a client. They ponder, they request changes—sometimes many, sometimes a few—and just when you've done numerous iterations and are feeling like you’re far from the mark, they circle back to the original. Their verdict? The first option was perfect! 😂

If you've been nodding along while reading this, know that you're not alone in this rollercoaster of revisions. Many of us in the creative field face this, and it's almost like a rite of passage.

But here's the thing: this shouldn't be a source of frustration or annoyance. It's a part of the creative process—a testament to the exploration of ideas. Our clients, more often than not, require a visual journey to ascertain what truly resonates with their vision. And sometimes, that journey leads right back to the starting point.

However, while it's essential to be patient and understanding, it's equally crucial to establish boundaries. To safeguard both your time and sanity, always ensure your contract specifies a limited number of revisions. This not only helps in streamlining the feedback process but also enables the client to provide more focused and constructive input.

The silver lining in these situations? That initial design they returned to just validates your expertise and intuition. It underscores that you had a clear understanding of the client's needs right from the outset. Instead of feeling disheartened, take it as a nod to your skills and your knack for being on-point from the get-go.


Remember, every revision is a step closer to perfection, even if it means going back to square one. It's all a part of the beautiful, chaotic, and fulfilling world of creativity.