Artist and Surface Pattern Designer

From a young age, I was fascinated with the world of imagination, creativity, and art. I find inspiration in the innocence of childhood, the richness of daydreams, the allure of tales, and the excitement of adventurous journeys, both real and imagined. Life however, led me down a different path, and I found myself in the world of retail buying, where I spent many years as a merchandise planner working for some of Australia's top retailers. I never lost sight of my true passion for artistic expression. Already having a background in multimedia /graphic design and fueled by a burning desire to pursue my creative dreams I embarked on a journey of study and exploration. Drawing upon my experience within buying offices, I have developed a keen eye for commercial aesthetics, blending my artistic talents with a strategic understanding of how retailers work. So, welcome to my world of whimsical imaginings inspired by childhood daydreams, ancestral tales and wandering adventures. I hope you enjoy the journey. Open to collaborations and other exciting creative projects.

Dianne S
Dianne Stark
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


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