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Shanna Lynne Design Is a surface pattern illustration and design company. Creating patterns and illustrations for manufacturers and brands for art licensing. Why would you want to work with me and license with me? Great question. I am continually working and coming up with new designs. I find inspiration in all things and am addicted to making patterns. Also, working with me is never dull. Why do I create? Wow, your full of great questions! I create due to a deep drive to always be creative. As I mentioned before, it’s an addiction. Not a bad addiction to have in my opinion. I like to evoke memories in my designs, my memories, someone else’s memories. To spark that creative drive in another creative person. I want to have someone see a design on a notebook, pillow, window curtains, or shower curtain and be inspired to write or draw or be inspired to design a room around the pattern and colors of the design.

Shanna M
Shanna Mills
Utah, United States


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