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About the founders

Patternfield App stands as a visionary creation by Nerida Hansen, an esteemed design agent and fabric entrepreneur. With a profound understanding of the industry, Nerida's journey began as a buyer of kids and teens bedlinen at Target Australia. This invaluable experience acquainted her with the challenges that Art Directors and Product Managers face in sourcing unique and commercially viable designs.

Drawing inspiration from her background as a commercial buyer, Nerida embarked on a mission to represent independent designers, culminating in the successful sale and licensing of hundreds of designs to some of the world's leading retailers since 2016. Through her interactions with designers at renowned design fairs in New York, Frankfurt, and Paris, Nerida identified an undeniable demand for more opportunities to connect with buyers beyond these events. This realization paved the way for the birth of Patternfield App - a revolutionary 24/7 trade show, offering an unparalleled platform for designers and buyers to connect seamlessly.

As a design director spearheading the creation of Patternfield App, Nerida navigated the challenging tech landscape with unwavering determination. The platform's first two iterations yielded resounding success, solidifying its credibility and potential. Recognizing the significance of further development, Nerida joined forces with Australian tech entrepreneur Matthew Ryan and his esteemed team at Journey Horizon. Together, they synergized their expertise and passion for marketplace software, solidifying the trustworthiness of Patternfield App.

Patternfield App now stands as a beacon of trust and innovation, revolutionizing the Design and Surface Art Industry. It has empowered designers, bridging the gap between talent and opportunity, while providing buyers with a curated selection of cutting-edge designs from around the world.

As the global leader in its domain, Patternfield App remains committed to excellence and continues to shape the future of the industry, embracing creativity and fostering connections that transcend boundaries. Join us in this remarkable journey as we redefine the landscape of design and surface art, paving the way for a brighter, more inspired tomorrow.