A surface pattern designer with a background in interior architecture

I am a textile designer from Finland, working with textiles for the home and fashion. With a rich international education and work experience, I am also an interior architect, and have worked for more than ten years in the field. My patterns are inspired by nature, geometrical forms and Scandinavian chic. I draw or paint everything by hand before digitalising my work and I like to draw from nature, picking my own flowers and leaves from the forest or the garden. When I make abstract or geometrical patterns, in addition to drawing, I use different techniques to create interesting shapes, such as block printing, collage, or weaving. All of my patterns are colour reduced and suitable for digital or traditional printing methods. In addition to designing prints, I am a skilled weaver and knitter, specialised in working with wool and silk.

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Bianca B
Bianca Byggmästar
Helsinki, Uusimaa, Finland


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